Are you fond of using yellow smiley faces (Smileys) in your emails or instant messages? If you do, you're on the right track. GetSmile offers a wide variety of smileys you can use. It ranges from the emotive icons (Emoticons) to virtual and life-like smileys. It offers animated smileys expressing different emotions to convey yourself in emails, forums or MSN messenger. With GetSmile software, you can send, capture, organize and share smileys with your friends. GetSmile offers the safest and most convenient software you can download, for you to use these attractive and funny smileys. With GetSmile software, you can add color and zest to your messages!

The Internet can be considered as one of the wonders in the recent past. This is the era of information technology and innovation. The use of instant messaging and electronic mail via internet have made certain soft products like emoticons (emotive icons) or smileys very popular in the world. In six years time, Sofrayt is doing really well in this field. The smiley software has lots and lots of features which are bound to attract the internet users.

You will find GetSmile user friendly and customized. It contains features which were requested by other users. It meets their needs and expectations. Sofrayt designed it well. The animations are very good and state-of-the art. The software is way ahead of its competitors.

GetSmile is also a smiley manager. It allows you to manage your collection of smileys. You can capture almost all of the smileys available in the Internet and add them to your collection. And, you can share your collections with friends.

GetSmile has a wide selection of smileys which depict different emotions and do unique actions. Whatever mood you are in, the smileys can mimic your emotions and feelings. If you are in a very happy mood and want to chat with friends, you can show your emotions by using these emoticons. If your mood is not so good and you need to express yourself without using words, these smileys will help you. GetSmile has more than 1600 smileys which cater to every taste, emotion, or mood of the users.

This smiley software is safe to use. It does not have pop ups or toolbars for spyware or adware that may distract the user and harm the computer. You may also use the software to make your email signature by combining letters and smileys. You may download the software at

In general, Sofrayt has successfully created the best smileys and smiley software available in the cyberworld. If you doubt, please read testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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